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Which Bergen County Neighborhood is Right for You?

Bergen County, New Jersey is a wonderful place to live in the state. Being the most populous county in New Jersey, Bergen County has many great neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own unique sense of community and its own perks. When considering the move to Bergen County, take a look at the following four neighborhoods.

Park Ridge

Often considered the borough where suburban charm meets a more urban retail vibe, Park Ridge is a smaller neighborhood that offers quite a lot to residents both in-and-around the area via an energetic downtown commercial district. Established in 1894, Park Ridge is located a short 24 miles from Manhattan and offers great access to the city. With a relatively small population in terms of suburbs, this borough is family-oriented and has a large concentration of single-family homes. 

Also setting Park Ridge apart is the beautiful and lush landscape. People searching for an active community can find that here, as events are plentiful and parks offer a safe place to get out and exercise. That being said, this borough also has several great restaurants and shops to explore (including places like the Ridgemont Shopping Center), making it the perfect place looking for all the benefits of urban living outside of the urban landscape.

Quick Recap

Park Ridge is the perfect neighborhood for young professionals searching for a location that provides easy access to the heart of downtown while maintaining the quietude of a smaller community. 


Located to Park Ridge’s east is Ramsey, another quaint neighborhood with a prime location and full of lush greenery. Established in 1908, Ramsey got its start from many people’s favorite fruit: the strawberry. Taking the rural way of life to heart, modern-day Ramsey is a close-knit community that easily welcomes newcomers. Located about 26 miles from Manhattan, Ramsey has a prime location for young professionals looking for a piece of real estate close to the job market but further away from the hustle of city life. With a slightly larger population, this neighborhood still offers a quiet escape from the city and is perfect for families. 

Speaking of families, Ramsey has several highly rated public schools available for children pre-K through 12th grade. Also, a spillover from its agricultural past is a weekly farmers market offering over 50 vendors for locally sourced produce and homemade goods. Those looking to live an active lifestyle can find their days outdoors at one of the many great parks around the neighborhood, such as Finch Park

Quick Recap

As a slightly larger neighborhood, Ramsey is still moderately-sized and quiet, making it perfect for families. On the other hand, it is less than an hour’s drive away from Manhattan, making it perfect for young professionals who want a quiet life with a moderate commute to work.


Allendale is an idyllic small town, just south of Ramsey. Established in 1894, Allendale is known for its small-town charm and lively downtown. A mixture of Park Ridge’s proximity to Manhattan and Ramsey’s innate charisma, Allendale blends these together to form its own unique atmosphere that is peaceful, yet energized. As is expected of a small town, there are several locally owned shops to find around the area as well as restaurants, making it easier to support your neighbors and community.

Allendale is the borough that perfectly encapsulates suburban life, and as such is the ideal place to raise a family. Manicured streets, incredible schools for children of all levels, several great parks, and a tight-knit community make Allendale all the more appealing to families. Another facet of the community is their holiday celebrations, planned and hosted by the Holiday Observers, creating town-wide events perfect for families and all members of the community. 

Quick Recap

Allendalle touts a tranquil environment and supports the thriving community through a commitment to local establishments and long-standing traditions.


Further south than the previously mentioned neighborhoods, Ridgewood is the closest to Manhattan of the four boroughs to be mentioned here. At about 22 miles, a commute from Manhattan is still accessible to Ridgewood residents looking to commute. An ideal setup for young professionals looking to work in the big city while also sitting just outside the hustle, Ridgewood has beautiful homes perfect for singles or families. That being said, families can find great schools in the area as well. 

Ridgewood also has many great restaurants and stores to check out in the upbeat downtown. Great coffee shops in the area allow for a quick morning pick-me-up on the way to work, as well as restaurants offering opportunities for lunch and dinner. This neighborhood also has some great parks allowing for tranquil days out, as well as safe places for families and children to hang out.

Quick Recap

Ridgewood is the ideal for those looking for a quick and easy commute to Manhattan. Young professionals can love the access to the bigger city’s job market and families love the great schools. All in all, both can enjoy the area while professionals get the most out of Ridgewood.

If you have considered making the move to any of the amazing Bergen County neighborhoods and are looking for help along the way, The Lopez Property Group is a great resource to aid in your journey. With knowledge of Park Ridge, Ramsey, Ridgewood and Allendale real estate, Rod and Lauren Lopez will help you find your dream home in your neighborhood of choice. Contact The Lopez Property Group today!



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